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Gündoğdu is a historical settlement located 20 km away from Manavgat. Gündoğdu, which is believed by the historians to have been established in B.C. 1405, starting from B.C. VI. century had been occupied by the Lydians, Persians, Alexandr Antiogonos and then by the Ptolemaios.

The city was reconstructed and became the center of science and culture during the Syrian Kingdom's rule which was later handed over to the Pergamon Kingdom as part of the Apameia peace treaty. Becoming independant with Pamphilia, it reached great prosperity and wealth with the help of their large trading armada. After B.C. 78 Gündoğdu was ruled by Rome and then Byzantium.

It had been ruled by A.C. V. century and VI. century larda Diocese which was followed by Seljuki rule during XIII. century and Hatimogulları and Tekaliogulları during XIV. century. Ottomans started ruling the area in XV. century but it hadnt been used as a residential area. The city walls that contains the features of the Roman and Byzatium rule have mostly been demolished but parts on the land side are still standing.